RIP Billy Graham

The man known as “America’s Pastor” passed away today, and I’m pretty upset by the news.  My mom had texted me when she found out, and being me, I had to look it up myself.  I ended up scrolling through numerous Twitter posts talking greatly about this evangelist that touched many lives.  Though he was preaching before my time and I believe his son took over the ministry before I really began to watch evangelists on TV, I always knew of Billy Graham and the impact of his ministry.

There was one tweet in particular that set off the waterworks because of the truth behind it.

His passing made me think of our trip to North Carolina last August because during that trip we actually did visit the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte.  The library is located right next to the Graham family home, where Billy Graham grew up.  The home is a museum at this point in time, showing old pictures of him growing up and other trinkets from his childhood and early adulthood years.

The library itself is full of information about Billy Graham’s ministry and how it’s affected people all over the world.  You can go on a tour to learn more detail about him and the ministry, though we didn’t do that.  Within the library is Ruth’s Attic, a bookstore in memory of Billy Graham’s late wife, as well as a cafe to stop and grab a bite to eat.  And of course, this doesn’t include the beautiful gardens that surround the library and Graham family home.

It’s sad for the world to have lost a man of such impact, but I remember what that tweet says about Mr. Graham being welcomed into Heaven with applause and hearing the Lord say, “Well done.”

Seriously, what can be better than that?

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