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Descendants 3 Is Happening!!

It was announced last night that Descendants 3 is going to happen!  I was beside myself last night with excitement when a co-worker tagged me in EW’s Facebook post about it (yes, everyone at work knows my love for the franchise).  Though I mean, it’s not that surprising because of the way the second movie ended, hinting that there was more to come.  It was just waiting for Disney to give it the green-light to get started on the project.

And thankfully, they did!

Disney released a teaser trailer for Descendants 3, and it seems like we might finally find out who Mal’s dad is.

Unfortunately, we still have about a year and a half before the movie even comes out because they haven’t even started filming the actual movie yet.  But hey, if I can wait fourteen years for The Incredibles 2 to finally come out, then I can wait a year and a half for Descendants 3.


Eh, that’s what fanfiction is for, right?

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