Thanksgiving Flag Football!

This past Saturday was a whopping 67 degrees (give or take a few) here in my region of New England.  And what better way to spend it than filming some flag football?

It’s been just about a year since I’ve gone out to film my boys playing this great game due to the fact that I am not available on Saturdays until after three because of work.  Since I’ve had Saturdays off this month due to the library undergoing its final stage of construction, I had to take advantage of both the time off and the weather.

Because no one likes filming in the cold.

I mean, I’ve done that before… but for the first time going out I would’ve tried really hard to come up with an excuse not to (maybe).

Getting out there felt great!  Even though all but three of my original guys weren’t there, it was like home to me being around them.  I had plenty of close calls, nearly getting hit by the guys during a few plays, and even caught an overthrown ball that bounced my way.  I think one of my favorite things is when the guys get excited to see the video before we even leave the field.

I think that’s why I love making these football videos – not because it’s fun for me or even for the praise I get for making them – but because I’m doing something that makes them happy.  It’s something that they can enjoy as well as their families.  I’m just blessed that God gave me this talent and I’m able to use it to bring joy to others.

After editing the first video above, I realized that I had enough footage to make a second video (which I had figured during the upload, but wasn’t 100% sure).  This, of course, was unknown to the guys since I refrained from posting it on Facebook this week.  I released it earlier this morning as a little Thanksgiving present to my football guys since I probably won’t be able to get out and film them again this year.

I definitely enjoyed making the videos again and was excited to do this at least once this year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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