Sending a Friend Away

Friends come and go… but some of them get great opportunities to travel abroad for an internship.

One such friend of mine found out he was accepted for an internship at ORTV (Overseas Radio and Television) in Taiwan and will be leaving probably sometime this summer.  However, he needs a little help getting there… literally.

He set up a gofundme page to help pay for his ticket to get to Taiwan that is running until May.  As much as I don’t want him to go because I’ll miss him, this is a great opportunity for him and I know it’s something he wants to do.  And I know he appreciates any help that he gets to get there.

It’s not easy to get a job in communications where we live, so we take what we can get… even if it’s on the other side of the world.  I mean, I personally wouldn’t do that (unless it was in England), but there are those who love to travel and experience living in new places.

On that note, anyone who also wants to pray for my friend is very welcome to do so.  Just to keep him safe and that if this is God’s plan for him that everything will work out accordingly.

I’ll keep up a link on my sidebar to his gofundme page until he is finished with it.

Thanks for dropping by and reading, and wish my friend good luck on his new adventure!

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