Genie In A Bottle – Dove Cameron [song review]

While us Disney Descendants fans are impatiently sitting on the sidelines waiting for the release of Return to the Isle of the Lost (May 2016) and Descendants 2 (2017), we were gifted with a brand new music video that was Descendants themed.  One of the movie’s stars, Dove Cameron who plays Mal, covered Christina Aguilera’s 1999 song, “Genie in a Bottle.”

I can honestly hear the haters saying that it’s nowhere as good as the original, but I’ll agree to disagree on that one.  I think Dove Cameron’s new version of the song was done well.  Of course it’s not going to be the same as the original – each artist is different and will put their own spin on the same song.

There are plenty of reasons I like this song, and video.  As a Descendants fan I’m going to like any type of media that is mildly related to the franchise, so seeing Mal back in action was great.  Also, I think the song fits perfectly to the Descendants franchise – I mean, it is about the next generation of our favorite fairly tales which could include Aladdin.  While we didn’t exactly see the face of Jordan (Genie’s daughter), we saw her lurking in the shadows during the video as Mal rocked out in the lamp.

The song itself I liked, of course.  I think I might actually like it a little more than the original done by Christina Aguilera only because of the faster tempo.  I’m one of those people who prefers a little more upbeat music, so this was perfect for a listener like me.  And I’m not even going to point out the differences in their voices, both girls made the song work for them and their vocal range.  To say that one is worse than the other is like comparing the climbing skills of a monkey and a fish – you just can’t do it.

As for the naysayers who will go off saying there shouldn’t have been a remake, well, it happens with all the great songs.  It’s been 17 years since Christina’s version came out, so there’s a whole new generation of artists and listeners out there, and I personally think it’s cool to see how a new artist will put their own spin on and older song.

So once again, I say that I think Dove Cameron did this song justice.  Yes, it’s different, but if we wanted it to be the exact same song, we would’ve had Christina Aguilera do it again.

What do you think of Dove Cameron’s take on the song?

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