Finally February

I know, most of you are more like, “It’s February already?  That came too fast!”

Not me.  To me it was like January took it’s sweet time rolling on by.  I actually spent half of January thinking it was February, and man was it messing me up!

So let’s move onto the elephant on the blog here… the fact I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks. I know it’s best when bloggers don’t acknowledge an unpredicted absence, but I feel the need to.  I’ve been trying to stay off my computer, other than watching Netflix, because of the problems I am dealing with in my wrist.  I figured time away from my computer would help the pain, but it’s not doing too much.  I can’t even blame my phone because when I’m on my phone now I use my left hand.

And that is my lame(ish) excuse for not blogging, other than I just didn’t have anything I wanted to blog about.  It was a bad case of blogger burnout mixed with writer’s block.

So what’s going on right now?  Well, it’s actually nice outside.  By no means is it warm, but 45ºF out is pretty amazing for February 1st.  Plus it’s going to be near 60º in a few days, and I can’t wait.  Unfortunately, it’s probably going to get cold again, but these breaks are nice.

Oh and yesterday was the six-month anniversary of Disney Descendants, which isn’t that big of a deal, I know, but I’m finally reading the prequel book that takes place before the movie – The Isle of the Lost – so you can expect a review of that once I’m done with it.

Well, there isn’t much more to say right now.  But I promise I won’t disappear for such a long time again… without notice, that is.

How was the rest of your January?

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7 thoughts on “Finally February

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Glad to hear what you’ve been up to, Tabby. Sorry your wrist is bothering you. Have you tried one of those wrist braces for awhile? Maybe that would help some. Feel better! :) xo

    • Tabby says:

      Yeah, I’ve been using that as well. I’m trying to find out some other home treatments I can do to help it. I think icing it might help.

      • ghostmmnc says:

        Maybe ice will help…or heat? I never know which to use. Could be just needs more rest and time to feel better. If it goes on too long, maybe you should go have it looked at by a Dr. Hopefully it will clear up on it’s own after awhile, though. :)

      • Tabby says:

        I think I read somewhere that alternating heat and ice is good. I have an appointment with my doctor for a physical, but it’s not until April… if it doesn’t go away soon I’ll have to make that appointment.

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