A Day Without Coffee

day without coffee

I realized late last night that I had went through the entire day without having so much as one sip  of coffee. That’s highly unusual of me, as I’ve been drinking coffee for as far back as middle school.  I can still picture setting up a pot of coffee on the weekends in our very small, but adorable apartment next door to my grandma.

And you know, middle school wasn’t the first time I’ve ever had coffee, but that’s another story.

Fridays are days that I typically love to have coffee, not because I need it… I just want it.  I work at the school on Fridays, editing for four hours in the morning then every other week or so we have a show to tape in the studio, so I tend to enjoy a coffee or two from Dunkin’ while I’m working.

Yesterday was weird though, instead of coffee I was in the mood for tea all day.  It might have been a combination of stomach cramps and my throat hurting that brought on the urge to have tea, but I can’t say for sure.  After all, sometimes I just really want to have tea.

What I found interesting was that there was no coffee withdrawal.  Many times if I have tea in place of coffee for the morning, by that afternoon I usually have a headache that only coffee can get rid of.  It didn’t happen yesterday though, which is probably why I didn’t notice my lack of coffee until late.

I wasn’t sluggish at all either.  Then again, coffee doesn’t have that type of affect on me.  I don’t feel more awake after drinking it and I don’t get tired if I don’t have it.  It’s just a beverage I really enjoy during any time of the day, and I usually have it every day.  So it is an odd occasion if I don’t have at least one cup during the day.

How does coffee affect you?  Are you sluggish without it?  Or like me, is it just a drink you enjoy?

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10 thoughts on “A Day Without Coffee

  1. AbsentElemental says:

    It’s not that I’m sluggish without coffee, it’s that I’m not the most tolerable morning person. Coffee helps wake me up a bit quicker, which makes me easy to deal with quicker. I love the taste of coffee, but I’d give it up in a second if that means mornings don’t start until noon.

  2. swajithkas says:

    In the response of your question;
    “How does coffee affect you? Are you sluggish without it? Or like me, is it just a drink you enjoy?
    No I am not sluggish without it, because, I always prefer tea over coffee, because, like you from early childhood, I have habit of drinking tea only; so, whenever, I have one or two cups of coffee it adversely affect in my digestion system, have you ever had this problem, or I am alone in this front??????????????????

  3. jestimous says:

    A death without coffee is Death. I think I read that somewhere. Something similar. I highly enjoy everything about coffee. I started drinking coffee with my great grandma when I was pretty young (Though I’m sure it was probably more cream and sugar than coffee at that age). There are days that I go without coffee though. I’ve drastically cut back on my coffee consumption. I’m pretty much past the point on having the withdrawals, though the migraine situation is different for me. I get migraines frequently and the caffeine helps a little with those when I get them.

    I didn’t mean to be so long-winded. :P

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      No, that’s fine. I love reading long comments :) I know I’ve cut down a lot compared to what I used to drink, though some days I will have quite a lot of coffee.

  4. Tabitha Wells says:

    I’m definitely sluggish without my coffee. I also tend to get headaches from lack of caffeine, which probably isn’t a good thing, but meh. I love starting my day out with coffee – it helps me feel prepared for the day, even if it doesn’t have a direct effect.

  5. Cathy Thorsen says:

    I am sluggish without coffee. In fact, I don’t even enjoy the taste of it without sweeteners and lighteners. I, too, would give it up completely if I wasn’t dependent on the caffeine. :/

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Ugh, I don’t like it without sweeteners or cream/milk either! I mistakenly had black coffee once and it was the worst!

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