Farewell Glee

As you know, especially if you follow me on Twitter, that last night was the two-hour series finale of the hit FOX show, Glee.  While I can say that my life was not affected by the show in a major way, it still holds a place in my heart because I have come to love the characters of the show… even ones that I previously hated.

farewell glee

Let me start this Glee tribute post by saying that I never intended to watch Glee.  In fact, when I saw commercials for the show back in 2009 I thought it was incredibly lame and a total knock-off of Disney’s High School Musical movie franchise.

And then my best friend happened.

One of the days we were hanging out she brought over Season 1 of the series and suggested we watch it.  I wasn’t overly thrilled (sorry Vicky), but I complied since she’s my best friend and because she said if I didn’t like it we wouldn’t have to keep watching it.  So after we finished the first episode she asked if I liked it… well, I didn’t hate it so I told her we could watch the next episode.

That’s where I fell in love with the show.

glee facebook posts

As I mentioned before, the finale of the show was last night.  The doubled-up episodes were a roller-coaster of emotions to say the least.  Just ten minutes before the finale started I had no idea how to handle the mixture of emotions running through me.  As it began though, I began my live-tweet spree during the show and I think in doing that I was able to remain much calmer than I would’ve been if I wasn’t live-tweeting.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.30.15 PM

The finale was presented in an interesting way.  The first episode entitled “2009” gave us the backgrounds as to why the original five Glee club members joined in the first place.  It was interesting because during the entire series you never gave a second thought as to why the original five joined, but now we know.  That episode was then followed by “Dreams Come True” which not only brought us back to the present day Glee club, but jumped ahead a few months, then jumped to five years in the future.

glee tweets collage

I wasn’t quite nearly as calm during the second half of the finale than I was during the first.

glee tweets 2

The one part of the finale that really kills the Glee fans, is that we know it wasn’t supposed to end with Rachel marrying Jesse – she was supposed to be with Finn.  The producers had even said that a year before Season 6 began.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, so the Gleeks ended up with a St. Berry endgame.  I will say I’m a little disappointed since I’m a Puckleberry shipper, but that dream was killed early on in the series.  I guess it’s a good thing I don’t entirely hate the St. Berry pairing.

All in all, the finale wrapped up the show in a way where you’re satisfied, but you still want more. Like what do Kurt and Blaine name their baby?  What’s the name of Will and Emma’s new baby girl?  Did Puck and Quinn ever get married?  Who is Sam’s new girlfriend?

There’s just so many questions that will never be answered.

Then again, that’s why we have fanfiction.

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