The Third Twin [book review]

Lexi and Ava are identical twins, and when they were younger, they made up an imaginary triplet named Alicia.  She was their way out of trouble when they were kids, and now that the girls are older, Alicia is their alter-ego for boys they'd never actually consider dating in real life. Things take a nasty turn … Continue reading The Third Twin [book review]


The Circle [book review]

Mae Holland is given the opportunity of a lifetime when she is hired to work for the Circle.  The Circle, based on a campus that even the most prestigious colleges are jealous of, links up users' emails, social media, banking, and just about any online account they have within a universal operating system.  Mae is … Continue reading The Circle [book review]

Return to the Isle of the Lost [book review]

Weeks have passed since Mal defeated her mother, Maleficent (now a tiny lizard), and everything seems peaceful for her and her friends.  However, there have been some weird weather patterns happening throughout the United States of Auradon that cannot be explained, and there have been some mysterious attacks in a nearby kingdom. Then, there are … Continue reading Return to the Isle of the Lost [book review]