Recent Reads [January 2017]

I got off to a good start this year, reaching a tenth of my goal for the year.  So far I've read one non-fiction book and three fiction.  Unfortunately, my TBR list keeps growing and growing.  I guess that's one of the downfalls of working in a library - the list of books to read reaches an … Continue reading Recent Reads [January 2017]


The Last Time We Were Us [book review]

First, you're best friends with the boy next door.  Then he ditches you for the popular crowd.  Then he gets arrested for fighting and permanently scarring Skip Taylor, and the Taylors are practically royalty in Bonneville. And then, 18 months later, he's released from juvie for good behavior. Liz Grant is on her way to getting … Continue reading The Last Time We Were Us [book review]