The Friday Five: Blogger Love v.12

All I have to say is thank God it’s Friday.  The week started off okay, but it slowly went downward to the point where I spilled boiling hot coffee on my hand… so I can honestly say I did not enjoy yesterday at all.  I hate saying that because I know people have it much worse, but sometimes you just have to be happy the week is over.

Plus, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure with my mom.

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  1. Digital Hacks by Carly at The College Prepster.  A few hacks to make our digital lives easier.  I am loving the hack for using emojis when I’m tweeting from my computer!  Thanks Carly!
  2. 10 Things I Will Never Blog About by Cassie at Sage the Blog.  I have to say I agree with quite a few of these.  There are just some topics that are too personal to blog about so I can honestly say that there are some things I wouldn’t blog about either.
  3. The Missing Emojis by Helene in Between.  A nice little rant about how, even though Apple has updated their emojis with iOS 8.3 to get some multicultural diversity going on, we still don’t have Harry Potter, Star Wars, or taco emojis.  Get it together Apple!
  4. 8 Reasons Why You Should Be A 20-Something With A Blog by Jennifer of Young & Twenty.  If you ever get doubts about writing a blog, Jennifer gives some great reasons why you should keep up with it.
  5. Things I Wish I Learned In College by Brittany of Grace in Grey.  Or in high school for that matter.  There are plenty of things that they just don’t teach you in school (but they really should).
All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Blogger Love v.12

  1. swajithkas says:

    Thanks GOD it’s Friday; because on this day you publish this post; so, no matter how was your Friday or week you certainly makes us happy by posting this post.
    Wishing you all the best……

  2. Meagan says:

    Taco emojis NEED to happen. I would use them at least three times a week. Hope your weekend was better than the end of last week!

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