Inspector Gadget (2015) [TV show review]

Go gadget, go!

The theme song of my childhood, well, one of them anyway.

inspector gadget review 2015

Inspector Gadget is no stranger to any child of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.  The original cartoon that first aired in 1983 is probably the first incarnation of the series that comes to mind, and it’s theme song is quite catchy.  Followed by the live-action films, which weren’t all that bad in my opinion, and now on Netflix – the 2015 CGI series!

So at first I thought this was just a reincarnation of the original 80s Inspector Gadget cartoon – where the creators just remade the original episodes for a new generation – however, it’s not.  The new Inspector Gadget series is a continuation of the original and the first sign is that Penny, Gadget’s niece, is five years older and is now a trainee of HQ.

In the first episode we are also introduced to a new character, Talon, who [spoiler alert, even though it’s obvious in the first 5 seconds of the show] is the nephew of Dr. Claw, and immediately becomes a love interest for Penny.  The romance is actually a cute twist to the new gadget series, and adds some comic relief in the episodes where you can clearly see the two like each other, but of course will not admit it.

The show itself is just as corny as I remember it – where Gadget is a bumbling fool who gets the credit for foiling Dr. Claw’s plans when in reality we know it was Penny and Brain who really solved the case.  The only real difference is that the technology used in the show is much, much more advanced than in the original series, but then again, this the 2015 version people.

And when I say their technology is more advanced, I mean everyone but Gadget’s.  His still seem to malfunction.

I guess the only real complaint I have about the 2015 series is that the theme song is totally different. Sure, it starts the same with the siren and flashing light, but the music is not the catchy tune we all know and loved from the original.  And, I will admit, watching this series in CGI-animation is a little weird at first, but I’m getting used to it after 5 episodes.

So, is the new series worth checking out?  I’d say so, as long as you’re a hardcore Inspector Gadget fan and can get used to the new animation.

If you check it out, let me know what you think!

Also, which live-action film was better, the first or second?

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7 thoughts on “Inspector Gadget (2015) [TV show review]

  1. jestimous says:

    The theme song is my biggest complaint too! I miss the original. As far as kids shows that I have to watch on a continuous loop (I have small children), it’s one of the better ones. I even catch myself getting caught up in the missions sometimes. :P

    As far as the live actions movies go, I’ve only seen the first one, and I only saw it once. I’m fond of Matthew Broderick though, so I liked it well enough.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Glad I wasn’t the only one with that issue – the original is so much better. And for the live actions, I like Matthew Broderick too, but I haven’t seen that movie in years. I watch the second one with French Stewart more often.

  2. Ann GrubbsnCritters says:

    Oh I remember that! The old inspector gadget. My little brother used to like the series to bits. I did too. Wasn’t even aware of the new ones. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I shd get my kids to “review” the new one – they hv become quite the critic at their age. Thru ought to be able to give good gauge of nay or Yay! 😊

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