The Friday Five: Blogger Love v.13

So a quick look into my week – it was the total opposite of last week!  Last week was just miserable, especially Thursday, but this week was much, much better!  Both days at my internship went smoothly, both my classes on Tuesday were enjoyable and on top of that, it hit 70º multiple times this week!

Spring is here baby!

Oh, and I can’t forget that I read some good blog posts this week.  So let’s get on with those.

blogger love - the friday five


  1. healthy snack ideas by Nelle of simply love.  We all say we want to eat healthier – well, next time you reach for that bag of chips, think again and get something healthy to snack on instead.
  2. How to create an intro profile picture for your blog by Anne of Love the Here and Now.  Okay, so I’m guilty of not having my name on the sidebar… but I do have a picture there and a little about me.  But I might be changing the mini ‘about me’ part soon.
  3. More Blogging Rules That Annoy Me by Christina of Route Bliss.  Preach girl, preach!  I really love that she covered about “having the same handle for all social media accounts” as well as “having to be on all social media.”  I’m sorry, but I just can’t get into Google+ and I love my @tabbyisnotacat handles for my accounts.
  4. 3 Ways to Use Social Media Productively by Megan of Tipsy Writer.  While we’re on the subject of social media… here are some good ways to use it more productively rather than passively.
  5. How would you change the past 5 years? by Maff of Tea Tomorrow.  A good question and something that is definitely worth blogging about.  I know I have my share of things I’d change from the past 5 years if I could.
All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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7 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Blogger Love v.13

  1. Jenna Pirrie says:

    I have a picture on my sidebar, and my name is pretty blatant, but my big blogging offense right now is that I have absolutely NO “about me” material. Oops. It’s just so hard to write!

  2. Meagan says:

    Yay to a better week! That makes all the difference. Great resources too, I’ll have to check them out. I hope you have another great week!

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