Veggietales, one of the most enjoyable ways for kids to learn bits of the Bible – at least when I was a kid.  The Veggietales I’ve briefly seen on now doesn’t compare to the original, but I do understand that things change over time.

I was first introduced to Veggietales by one of my older cousins, as she really loved Silly Songs With Larry.  Silly Songs were just that – silly.  They never had anything to do with the message that Bob and Larry were trying to get across to kids, but served more as a break between two different stories.  One of my favorites to this day – and that I often sing at random – is The Water Buffalo Song.  This one takes place within the ‘Where’s God When I’m Sc-scared?’ episode, and it was the first one I ever saw.

Aside from this song, my other two favorites are ‘Bellybutton‘ and ‘Where Is My Hairbrush?‘  For a while I had my ringtone set to ‘Where is my Cellphone?’ – a parody of the Hairbrush song.

Veggietales was a part of my childhood that I enjoyed, and hope that I’ll be able to share with my own kids someday (assuming I do have them someday).  After all, the episodes really did teach me a lot about the Bible and God, which helped my understanding of some of the books of the Bible when I read them as I got older.

I’m not sure how well the episodes of Veggietales teach the Bible now, but if you find the originals that I watched when I was young, I definitely recommend that kids see those ones!

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