It’s My Birthday Tag

Hey, hey!  It's my birthday!  As of today (at 4:02pm) I am twenty-six years old. oh. my. gosh. I'm now officially closer to thirty than twenty... and this saddens me.  I honestly don't feel 26 in any way, shape, or form.  I mean, when I see the way some teens and kids act, then yes, … Continue reading It’s My Birthday Tag


Birthday Haul 2016

So it's been just over a week since my birthday, and I honestly meant to get around to this post earlier... I just didn't. The day was well spent.  My mom and I went out of town early that morning to eat at IHOP, and the food was great.  I really enjoy the blueberry pancakes … Continue reading Birthday Haul 2016


Today marks the completion of my 25th year of life on this planet.  As of now my mom can tell people that I'm 25 years old and actually be correct.  Does anyone else's parents do that?  Tell someone that you're a certain age before your actual birthday arrives?  Is that a parent thing? I'm getting … Continue reading 25.