Birthday Haul 2016

So it’s been just over a week since my birthday, and I honestly meant to get around to this post earlier… I just didn’t.

birthday haul2

The day was well spent.  My mom and I went out of town early that morning to eat at IHOP, and the food was great.  I really enjoy the blueberry pancakes and the amount of blueberries on/in them.  From there we spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble before spending another five at the mall, where we also had dinner at Olive Garden (since I was able to get a free dessert).

I was very spoiled by my parents this year.  First of all, they helped me get my own car.  There’s no way I would’ve gotten it without them… I would’ve had to wait another year or so.  So I’m very grateful that they did that for me.  That would’ve been enough honestly, but I still ended up getting a bit more.

I had every intention of spending my own money at the bookstore and mall, and I did spend some, but there are times when mom says she’s buying it because it’s your birthday.  I think the one thing she didn’t actually buy me was my new iPhone 6s, since they have that new thing where you pay for the phone monthly with the plan, but she did add me on to her plan.  Then by trading in my old iPhone I got a $100 credit to Verizon and got a car charger and a pair of LG Wireless headphones.

The headphones are pretty awesome, by the way.

So birthday number twenty-five was a good one.  The best part was just spending time with my dad two days before (and getting my butt whooped in bowling by him), spending my actual birthday with my mom, and seeing my best friend the next day.  Whether or not I got stuff was irrelevant.  I just like spending time with the people I care about.

Since I did get stuff though, I’ll let you in on my birthday haul.

  • 2014 Nissan Sentra
  • $20 gas card
  • Ice cream cake
  • Spaulding Basketball and an air pump
  • Left Behind by Tim LaHaye
  • White NIV Thinline Bible
  • Barnsie stuffed teddy bear
  • New sneakers (I was overdue for a new pair)
  • Rose Gold iPhone 6s
  • LG Wireless Headphones
  • $15 Starbucks card
  • Food at IHOP and Olive Garden


And I’d say that’s a good birthday haul.  Definitely more than I expected or needed.

Again, I’m very grateful for everything my parents did for me this year.  However, I already told my mom that we should float my next few birthdays, at least until I’m 30.  Even then, I’d rather just go out for a nice dinner with my loved ones or do something for the day (that isn’t shopping).

As long as there’s cake, I don’t care what we do.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Haul 2016

  1. adeleinglasses says:

    Aww, happy belated birthday, so sorry that I missed it. I’m exactly the same way, company + cake is all that I need to be happy, birthday or not. :P That said, I do love all of your presents, especially that teddy bear… so cute!!

    • Tabby says:

      Thanks! No worries, it’s not like you knew before, haha :)

      Yeah, it’s funny how as we get older we would just rather have quality time with our loved ones for our birthdays… we know what’s important now.

      I love the bear too! He’s definitely my book buddy bear :D

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