Networking is Important!

I recently got a new job through my school working in the media center… and it’s the coolest thing! I’m actually learning more about my field in the lovely world of video production and actually getting to use professional equipment. I also get to work in the school’s television studio, go out and shoot shows, and edit them! I really love my new job, even if I’m not in control of everything.

But it’s not on my own that I got this job. In fact, I didn’t even know there was an opening in the media center for this position. I just happened to check my school email and there was an email from one of the main guys saying the position was there and asking if I was interested.

It seems that I was referred to him by my advisor/professor one day a few weeks prior when he was asking if there were any Communication students she knew of that would be good for/interested in the job. So she gave him my contact information and that’s when he emailed me.

This is something that never would have happened if I had stuck with online schooling or didn’t even bother returning to school after my 10 month hiatus. It’s also something I never expected to happen.

This situation really taught me how important it is to make connections, not just at school, but at work and other activities in life. Of course, I kind of knew this from when my uncle referred me to the local

during my camera training.

during my camera training.

BMX track to make videos for them, so it’s really nothing new, but that’s also a volunteer job. This new job is something that can teach me skills that I can’t afford to learn on my own (such as using that big camera in the picture on the side).

And yes, my shoulder was mad sore after using that baby.

It’s totally worth it though.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that this job is going to become my new gym, since I don’t actually ever use my gym membership. The other day I literally had to run across campus from my class to go punch in, then to another side of campus to get to the video shoot. Then there’s lifting not only the camera, but the tripod it’s attached to.

But as I’ve said many times already, I love my new job. It never feels like I’m working anymore. In fact, it feels like it’s a class that I get paid to take because I’m learning so much from it.

So boys and squirrels, remember to make connections with people and network. You never know when you’ll get referred to someone for a job that you love!


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