Friday Five: Blogger Love v.26

Another week gone by, and I’ve been linking up with Blogger Love for half a year now!  I think the longest I’ve ever done anything (blog-wise anyway).  Although, I can already tell y’all that in a few weeks I might be missing a week here and there due to going camping and moving.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to move… I’m looking forward to it so much.  Plus the fact that we’ll be able to get kittens is such a bonus!

fridayfive 26

  1. How to Keep Blogging When You Don’t Feel Like It by The Private Life of a Girl.  I’ve heard summer can either make or break bloggers.  Right now, I’m feeling like I’m one of the ones who’s breaking, seeing as I’m not posting as much.  So these are some good tips to keep up the blogging process.
  2. College… It’s Not For Everyone – a guest post on 99+ Sly Thoughts.  A little story about Sly’s brother (told by said brother) and his experience in finding out that college just wasn’t for him, and more importantly, being okay with that decision.
  3. 6 Things They Don’t Tell You About Post-Grad Life by Coffee and Cardigans.  The truth about post-grad life.  I’m currently a few months out of college myself and I’m learning a few of these on my own.  I feel it should be added that finding a job right after graduation isn’t always easy… it can take a while before you get a job in the field you’re searching for.
  4. 7 Ways to Live in the Moment by Chasing My Extraordinary.  A few ways we could all take a breather and really enjoy this life we’re living… not just passing through it.
  5. When You Date Your Ex’s Best Friend by Misty Write Now.  A personal story of taking a risk and how it turned out… for good.

All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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