My 2016 Goals

Last year I kept track of which goals I did and didn’t make… so I’m doing the same this year.  You can see my 2015 Goals by clicking that link.  Moving forward, here is the list of goals I’d like to accomplish this year.

Tabby’s Goals for 2016:


  • Regulate smoothies into my diet.
  • Walk more
  • Start doing yoga
  • Learn more about nutrition



  • Make a recipe book of my favorite smoothies
  • Do another home Bible study
  • Read more books (34/25 Goodreads Challenge)
  • Give people only homemade birthday cards


  • Remake my videography highlight reel
  • Make a sports videography highlight reel
  • Organize my emails
  • Organize photos
  • Save money
  • Learn to cook at least 5 meals


  • Learn to Adobe After Effects for text animation
  • Learn basic French
  • Improve photo/video editing skills

Check back for updates!

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