I Forgot Something…

While going through my reading journal this morning I realized that I forgot to list a book that I read last month in my June Reads post.  I have no idea how it slipped from my mind while I was writing the post because I had my Goodreads pulled up with the books I’ve read so far this year.  The only explanation I can think of is that I was on a time crunch trying to write the post and I probably thought I read it the previous month.

I would feel really bad if I had really enjoyed the book and gave it five stars, but since I read through it so fast and predicted a lot of the outcomes, it just wasn’t something I really loved.  I’d still recommend it as a filler book if you have nothing that you are really dying to read next.  It was still cute – it just wasn’t a book that made it to my favorites.

In any case, I’ve updated my June Reads post to include this book because I did read it last month.  I just completely forgot to write it down in that post.

My bad.

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