Recent Reads [August 2017]

Where did August go?  Seriously, it started and now it’s over.

My reading plans for the month seem to have diminished as well.  I had such a good plan for reading quite a few books before and during my vacation, but that’s over too.  Now I’m back to work and started my classes… so there goes most of my reading time.

I still read about my monthly average; I’m just disappointed because I was hoping for more.

My first book of the month was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and there’s really no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I will always enjoy Harry Potter… always.  So right after that, thanks to the poll I posted, I read the last Harry Potter book right after to complete the series.

While I was reading the last book, I was also reading (at a slower pace) Every Young Woman’s Battle – which is a book about keeping your sexual integrity as a single Christian young woman.  I’m not ashamed to have read this and I highly recommend it to any Christian woman who willing to read it.

After those books, I blasted through Endgame.  It was an interesting read as the point of view was from the student who ends up taking a gun to school, so you see the events that lead him to that point.  The format of the story was interesting as well – it was a few months later and Gray recounted everything leading up to his trial, so there were breaks when the lawyer was interviewing Gray and getting him to open up when he began to get quiet about it again.  Overall, the story flowed well and it wasn’t a bad read.

And I just finished P.S. I Like You this evening.  It took me longer to read than usual, but I should get used to that now that I’m back in school.  I really liked this one – it was cute, though at times predictable.  I kind of felt like the end was abrupt, but then again, there wasn’t much else that could happen afterward.  I’d recommend it if you’re someone into cute, adorable, young-adult romance books.

It kills me to say that I won’t be reading as many books a month as I usually do.  So these ‘Recent Reads’ posts might not happen over the next few months (if they do, it’ll be a multi-month collaboration).

So that’s that, and happy reading my friends!

What did you read this past month?

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