2018 Goals

Tabby’s Goals/Resolutions for 2018:


  • Spend less money going out to eat (including Dunkin’/McD’s coffee)
  • Save some money and NOT touch it
  • Learn to cook some meals that are not spaghetti & sauce


  • Do a Q&A post or vlog
  • Host a giveaway


  • Read 25 books (maybe 30).
  • Read at least 10 of the books I already own and haven’t read.
  • Go on a book-buying ban for at least a month (no books bought in March!).
  • Complete my 2018 Reading Challenge List.
  • Re-organize my bookshelves. (complete 1/3/18)
  • Weed out my book collection. (completed, March)
  • Read/review 3 ARCs.


  • Play all the way through Pokemon Blue Version
  • Go blueberry, apple, or strawberry picking
  • Write a ‘real’ letter to my best friend
  • Visit a new city and/or state


  • Learn to calm the freak down and not get stressed over things I can’t control
  • Rely more on God (see above)
  • Start journaling (at least weekly)


  • Keep up with good grades
  • Talk to my professors/advisor when I have issues
  • Be social with my classmates through the FB group
  • Stay on top of my reading assignments
  • Don’t procrastinate on big projects

Check back for updates!

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