5 Things [2017 edition]

Another year is coming to a close.  This year has been good, in my opinion anyway.  I mean, yeah, bad things happen, but you pick yourself up and move on.  For me, this year was filled with a lot of good times and memories that will stay with me.  The trials I've been through have … Continue reading 5 Things [2017 edition]

Kill ’em with Kindness

The best way to 'get back' at someone who mistreats you is by showing them kindness. First of all, it frustrates them more if you don't react the way they expect you to.  They might be confused and try again in another way, but if you either don't react or show them even more kindness … Continue reading Kill ’em with Kindness


We're always doing what we can to stay safe - locking our doors, keeping pepper spray on hand, going on walks with a buddy... the list goes on.  The scary thing is, no matter what we do to protect ourselves, we don't always see things coming and we can't always stop them. I find comfort … Continue reading Safe