I Entered a Photo Contest

I recently entered the Amazon Student Study Style Photo Contest after seeing their announcement of it on Instagram.  The contest description was to enter a photo of how you (or a friend) study and there had to be at least 1 textbook or ebook in the picture.  I was intrigued right away and planned on entering the contest.  After two weeks of coming up with various ideas for my “how I study” photo, I finally came up with one that hadn’t already been done by the other contestants and entered at 9pm on the last day of entry.

So that was it, my entry was in and I had to wait about a week to see if I’d go into the next round of the contest.

And I did.

I got an email on Monday, September 22nd, saying that my photo was one of the 20 finalists picked by the judges

My contest entry - a top 20 finalist.

“Is it crammed in there yet?”

at Amazon Student and the Facebook voting would start that Friday.  Once the voting began, I lagged for the first half of Friday until my cousin rallied up her Facebook friends to vote for me and I got up to nearly 100 votes in the first 24 hours, and was in the lead.  I kept the lead for another day and half, until one person passed me out and ended up winning the contest.

The winner had 276 votes and I placed 2nd with 229 votes.

If this had been a year ago, I probably would’ve been upset or angry about losing.  However, I am super grateful that I even placed in the top 20 in the entire nation for this contest, especially since that was the part that included actual judges.

I’d say that’s a pretty darn good achievement for my first ever photo contest!

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