7 Things I Would Do With A Million Dollars

I was inspired by Young & Twenty’s post 10 things I would do with a million dollars and decided to answer the question:

What would you do with a million dollars?

I have given some thought to this question and have come up with what I would do if I suddenly came into having one million dollars at my disposal.  Since I am an adult now, I have different priorities when it comes to money than I did about six years ago at the age of seventeen.

 To change this up a bit though, I am only going to list seven things I’d do if I had a million dollars, since I prefer odd numbers over even (don’t ask).


1. Donate a large chunk to various ministries such as Joyce Meyer, Billy Graham, Ed Young for teaching me so much about the Bible and to support their missions in leading others to Christ.

2. Pay off both mine and my mom’s student loans.

3. Buy a nice car for myself, my mom and my dad (because Lord knows he needs one!).

4. Travel to California, Arizona and Washington state to finally meet my west coast friends in person.

5. Buy some nice clothes for casual and “fancy” wear (I might even buy a skirt!)

6. Put a good chunk away in savings for emergencies.

7. Use the rest of the money to live off of while I kick-off my freelance career in videography, photography and possibly writing.

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