power through music.


music has the ability to bring forth emotions you thought were long gone; but as you listen to that one song you’re transported to that time in your life when you were heartbroken over a lost love.  maybe the melodies bring you to a happier time, when you had no worries or responsibilities.

music can make you happy or sad, laugh or cry.  it can make you go from feeling hopeless to feeling that anything is possible.  it tells you what to feel when you are lost in your emotions.  music gives you words when you have none.

the lyrics you listen to relate to your life in one way or another.  love songs are not always about a significant other.  you might relate a song to a relative or friend and find the lyrics just as meaningful.  over time the lyrics might mean something entirely different to you, but they never change.

music remains the same, a constant.

you are the one who gives it meaning.

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