Coffee or Tea?

You know the saying… America runs on Dunkin’!

Or, on caffeine anyway.

Whatever you drink or wherever you drink it from, it’s still caffeine.  Unless you’re one of those people who orders decaf, not that there’s anything wrong with it… freaks.


But despite whether the beverage is caffeinated or not, it’s still either coffee and/or tea that tons of people all around the world consume.  Some people have preferences though, they prefer coffee over tea and vice versa.  I happen to be one of the freaks that likes both coffee and tea… and the occasional hot chocolate, in the summer, when it’s 90º out.

(Like I said, freak!)

However, since I know everyone has their preferences, I’m just wondering what exactly those preferences are.  So I’m doing a little survey to see exactly what people like.

So if you don’t mind taking a few seconds out of your day, please take the survey here :)

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