Beautiful & Dangerous


It’s your average 33°F morning in Connecticut; the sun is shining and there’s the beautiful scenery left over from a previous snowstorm.  You’re out walking in the brisk air enjoying some peace before having to go to work for the day when you slip.  Your hand goes out to protect your face from hitting the ground even though your knee caught the ground first.  Feeling more embarrassment than pain you get up, shake it off and keep walking as if nothing happened.

However, that night your shoulder is in pain from jarring it during the fall.

… … … … … … …

Yeah, this actually happened to me yesterday.  I had made it an entire mile before my foot hit that sneaky little ice patch.  Honestly I thought it would be my knee that would hurt later in the day, especially since I usually have problems with my knees during the winter anyway.  But no, it was my shoulder.

It makes sense though, it’s pretty common to jar your shoulder when you try to stop yourself from falling… so it looks like I did just that.  This, my friends, is the reason I dislike winter.  It tries to hide its lurking dangers with its beauty, the sneaky little devil.

Well, that’s my bit for the day.  Watch out for that ice my friends!

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