No Desserts – Day 7

For the first time in my life I have given up something for Lent.  I have never really given thought to doing this before, but after talking with my mom about why people observe Lent I felt a tug in my heart that I should do it.  Yes, it’s hard to give something up for 40 days, but the point is to think of how hard it was for Jesus to not call on the legions of angels to save Him from the cross, because they would’ve in an instant.

So, for Lent I have decided to give up desserts.  I realize this is probably one that many people choose, but I know this is particularly hard for me because I tend to have some type of dessert food just about everyday.  Whether it’s cake, brownies, ice cream, frozen yogurt, candy, or doughnuts, I am not touching those kinds of foods for 40 days.  It might not seem hard for some people, but for me… it is.

As of today, I’m on day seven with no desserts.  It hasn’t been too hard as of yet, but it’s only the first week.  However, yesterday was particularly rough when I went out to Olive Garden with my mom and my best friend.  See, not only do I love the chocolate mints that they give you at the end of your meal, but I always, always end my meal with the Dark Chocolate Caramel Cream Dolcini (as seen below).  If you love caramel and chocolate… and Olive Garden, then you have to try that dessert!

However, since I have ditched the desserts for Lent, I had to skip my dolcini and chocolate mints which left me feeling a little weird after my meal was finished.  Now, if I had just given up chocolate I would’ve been okay, but I gave up all desserts… ice cream included.  And usually after a heavy meal, a scoop of vanilla ice cream usually calms my stomach down, so to not have that last night after my heavy meal was pretty rough.  I made it though… Olive Garden with no dessert.

Last night was my first glimpse of really learning to think about Jesus’ sacrifice when I was tempted to give in and just order that dang dessert.

But considering what Jesus went through in the garden and on the cross, I think 40 days without desserts is a piece of cake.

Mmm, cake.

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7 thoughts on “No Desserts – Day 7

  1. Roni says:

    I did the same thing. Also my first time giving something up – that I can remember. My biggest problem? I work in the candy factory. So far so good though!

  2. Tabitha Wells says:

    I’ve never observed Lent. Not many things that I really feel the need to give up I guess – most things I cycle through anyways, or give up when I need to for whatever reasons.

    Desserts have definitely never been one I’ve needed to give up. I’m not a big dessert person (unless it’s creme brulee) so I usually only have it on special occasions.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      I never observed it until this year. It’s rough, I’m used to having some kind of dessert during the week, even if it’s just a bite of ice cream after a large meal or making regular froyo stops since there’s a place across from my school.

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