Owl Ring Bargain

owl ring bargain

It’s story time friends.

Around this time last year I went to the mall with no reason other than I was bored and wanted to walk around to window shop.  It’s not hard to go to the mall often since it is literally right down the street from my school… I find this both a good and bad thing.

Though I usually enter the mall though JCPenney, if I ever decide to look around in there, it’s right before I leave.  So after I had done my rounds to the other stores, I made the rare decision to look around the jewelry section and that’s when I came across this owl ring.  I thought it was the most adorable ring I ever laid eyes on and what was very surprising to me was that there was one in my size!

I started to get this heaviness in my heart when I realized, oh, this ring is probably too expensive for me to buy.  I mean, it’s an owl ring.  I felt like it was placed there specifically for me to buy.

Well, guess who’s lucky day it was?

Not seeing a price on the ring box I looked up at the sign on the ring display table and saw that all the rings were 70% off.  I figured the ring couldn’t be so expensive that I wouldn’t be able to afford whatever the sale price was (and I had some money left on my gift card), so I went up to the register to buy it.  When the cashier rung it up and swiped my remained $6 balance on the gift card, the ring ended up costing me… $1.97!

One dollar and ninety-seven cents!

Without a doubt my owl ring is one of my top favorite accessories just because I have a great sale-story to tell with it.

What kind of great bargains have you gotten in the past?

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