That Wacky New England Weather

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned hundreds of times, the weather here in New England can get pretty crazy.  Over the past few years it seems like our summers start in late-April and last until late-September, and our winters start towards the end of October and last until well, April.

There is no in between.

The entire month of May was warmer than any other May I remember, with our daily temperatures being in the 80s and sometimes 90s.  So to go from the 50s and low 60s to those temperatures in under a month… it’s too much of a change.

Cue yesterday, the first day of June, and we’re back down to a whopping 47 degrees and rain…


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I said 47 degrees on June 1st, 2015.  And today is not going to be much better – highs in the low 50s… big deal.

Then I look at the forecast for the rest of the week and guess what?  We’re going back up to the mid-70s and 80s!  As in, where we should have been last month.

Only in New England man…

(well maybe not, I’ve never lived anywhere else in the United States, so I wouldn’t know)

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