Graze Box Sampler Review

graze box

I had been getting a set of emails sent to me over the past few weeks about the graze box snack subscription.  It was offering and entirely free sampler box, which is pretty awesome, but I kept putting it off… well, more like forgetting since I didn’t want to sign up through my phone.  I did eventually order my free box last week and waited patiently for it to come in.

Yesterday it finally came in and I took no time to dive right into trying out the four snacks they sent me – Smart Blondie, Tuscan Pesto Kern Pops, Chili Lime Cashews and Stars and Stripes.

Smart Blondie (cinnamon raisin blondie with whole grains and coconut oil)

graze box smart blondie

This was the snack I was very excited to try, as I figured it’d be the one snack I’d really end up liking.  That wasn’t the case.  I enjoyed the first bite, but after that I actually didn’t care too much for the healthy blondie treat and ended up not finishing it once I ate the raisins out of it.  While I didn’t hate it, I definitely would not want it again in a future graze snack box.

Tuscan Pesto Kern Pops (cheddar cheese popped corn kernels and mini basil breadsticks)

graze box kernals

I knew right away I’d like the basil breadsticks in this little package, but the cheddar kern pops… I actually enjoyed them!  Again, I can’t say they were my favorite snack, but I’d put this particular one on the ‘maybe’ list for a future box.  I just wish there were more of the basil breadsticks!

Chili Lime Cashews (roasted cashew nuts with chili lime seasoning)

graze box chili lime cashews

As much as I love plain, salted cashews I was wary of trying this snack.  I actually hesitated before trying it, only to find that it wasn’t something that bothered me.  I’m on the fence with this snack – I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either.  As for if I’d like it in a future box, I’m leaning towards no… but I won’t rule it out entirely.

Stars and Stripes (mini blackcurrant stars, raspberry strings and blueberry flavored cranberries)

graze box stars and stripes

At first glance, I thought I’d like this snack, but then I saw that there were cranberries in it.  I don’t have a problem with cranberries, but I’ve never actually tried them before.  Seeing as they are blueberry flavored, it took the edge off on trying them.  Of course, I also enjoyed the blackcurrant stars and raspberry strings.  This snack is much like eating a healthy version of fruit snacks like Gushers or Welch’s fruit gummy snacks.  By far, this was the best snack in the sampler box and I literally want it in every future box I get from!

It was about halfway through trying the snacks that I thought, ‘Hey, I should’ve made a video of me trying the snacks.’  But since I had already tried two of them, I knew eating them again on camera wouldn’t show my true reaction of trying them for the first time. Oh well, next time.

As for graze box, I am willing to try more snacks from them when I can afford the subscription each week/month.  Once I can, you can definitely expect me to review more of the graze box snacks!

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