currently // september

I’m in denial that September is nearly over.  I think I just got used to it being September!  I’m not ready for it to be October yet… not at all.  The days are just going way too fast and it’s freaking me out.

In other news, my room is still clean and organized!  This is really huge for me because all my rooms in the past have looked like a hurricane blasted through there.  But it worked for me then… I knew where everything was.  I guess loving how my room looks clean made all the difference for me to keep it that way!

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Loving // my room… still!

Excited // for the job interview I have Monday.  I’m nervous as well, but I’d really like to get this job.

Hoping // that I’ll get this job… but I guess that’s in God’s hands, right?

Drinking // I’m getting back into my salted caramel hot chocolate ways now that it’s officially fall… of course I’m still enjoying caramel iced coffee before it gets too cold out.

Wearing // jeans and a t-shirt… we have the perfect weather for it!

Watching // a whole bunch of shows.  I’m keeping up with Switched at Birth and Young & Hungry at the moment.  MasterChef just ended, and I was rather disappointed… only because I thought the other finalist did a better job.

Current Song on Repeat // Time In by Open Till Midnight.  I recently re-discovered this song and can’t get enough of it… both versions!


What are you up to currently?

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4 thoughts on “currently // september

  1. Tabitha Wells says:

    Switched at Birth is one of my favourite shows! I started watching it as background noise but got hooked in.

    Congrats on keeping the room clean! Surprisingly, I’ve managed to keep *most* of our house clean, which is a big deal for me. I’m working on minimizing clutter, but a lot of it comes from not having everything organized and enough space right now.

    Hoping the interview went well!

    • Tabby says:

      I think I got lured in by the concept… I’m not positive though. I might’ve just gone by my cousin’s recommendation of it.

      Well, keeping the house clean is much more of an accomplishment than a room! I definitely applaud you for that!

      I didn’t get the job, but it’s okay. I know God has something better in store… I just need to find it! Haha :)

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