Halloween 2016

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I admit that dressing up can be fun… as long as the costume is within reason.  I stopped dressing up and going out for Halloween when I was ten, but in recent years have dressed up either for work or handing out candy.

This year, it’s both.

I normally have Mondays off, but I was asked if I could fill in for someone who was taking the day off.  Of course I said yes!  I mean, I love my job, so of course I’ll even work on my day off.

I was told when I first started that we get to dress up for Halloween if we wanted to, so remembering that I started to think of what I’d wear to work.  I wanted to go in a Ravenclaw uniform, since all I needed to complete my costume was the Ravenclaw robe, but I wasn’t able to afford it.

I had also considered wearing my Grinch onesie before that, but decided it’d be too hard to go to the bathroom and the outfit might be too hot.  Then I thought about going as Louise from Bob’s Burgers, but again, no money to buy the costume in time.  So what did I do?

I, a Ravenclaw through and through, went as a Gryffindor student.


Why?  Because I still have my Gryffindor robe from forth grade and so my costume didn’t cost anything… that’s why.

It was fun to see my coworkers dressed up as well.  Between those of us who dressed up, we had a classic witch, a Hogwarts student (me), GI Jane, characters from Stranger Things, Snow White and an Airbender.  I have to say that the Airbender costume was my favorite of the day.

So I might not like Halloween that much, or really at all, but there is some fun to be had when you are allowed to dress up in costume at work.

Now I get to hand out candy, and eat whatever’s left of it.

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