My Blogging Journey

Blogging is something that I’ve come to really enjoy over the years… to the point where I wish I had started doing it earlier in my life.  Of course, I’d guess blogging since 2009 is considered a long time to most people.

my blogging journey

I wasn’t a consistent blogger in the beginning.  I really only wrote when I wanted to talk or rant about something that was on my mind, but I didn’t feel like writing it as a obnoxiously long Facebook status.  For the most part, I talked about controversial topics and my blogs were like short essays.  As a part of the inconsistency, I also changed my blog name and address a couple different times.  So now we can see why my posts were never found other than my friends on Facebook who would click the link to it.

It wasn’t until September 2012 that I really hit the ground running wtih my blogging… which brings us to the birth of orangeowldiaries.

The name came from the fact that my favorite color is orange, my favorite animal is an owl and at the time, I had an orange notebook with a picture of an owl on it that I used as my journal.  I figured this blog would become my public journal where I could share my thoughts that weren’t necessarily private as well as connect with people.

In the beginning years of the blog I wrote more about the happenings of my day as opposed to things going on in my life that people could relate to.  I wrote a few times a day and would sometimes not write for a few days – just as I do with my journal.  I can’t say for sure when it happened, but eventually I did start writing more relatable posts and reviews, which pretty much leads me to where I am today.


My blog also went through a couple of different looks, as most blogs do.  Again, you can see two of the different layouts I had in the birthday post mentioned above, and I’m happy to say that I’m not planning on changing anytime soon.

In recent months I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I’ve wanted to.  I can’t say why either. I guess I don’t feel as though I have anything of much importance to say here on the diaries.  When I was in school, I was overflowing with blog post ideas.  Now some of them seem too insignificant to even bother writing.  Or it could be that I’ve just been reading more during my spare time than on the computer.

What I do know, is that I would like to get back into a regular posting schedule and interact with more bloggers.  It seems that if I’m talking to other bloggers I’m more inspired to write on my own blog.  I can say I have some ideas for posts that I will be writing about shortly… it’s just a matter of not being to tired to actually write.

Of course, I see this slump in writing as just another part of my blogging journey.  It’s a rough patch, sure, but we have those in life as well.  I’m actually quite excited about some of the posts I have in mind and I’m hoping to share more interesting posts with you all in the near future!

On another note… who’s excited for Thanksgiving food?

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