It’s a Girl

We’ve had our kittens for just over two months now and we have now figured out that one of our little boys… is actually a girl.

I know, you’re probably thinking, ‘How did you not know it was a girl in the first place?’  Well, for one, we were told they were both boys and just trusted that statement.  Two, we could honestly not tell if she was a boy or not because we didn’t really know the proper way to tell the difference.

girl kitten

That said, we actually were wondering if this one was a girl for the past two weeks.  We were just going to wait until we took them to the vet to get fixed to find out, but yesterday we decided we couldn’t in case they hit kitty puberty early and things happened.  So we looked up how to tell the difference between male and female cats online and found a good informational diagram.  We checked both kittens and well, you know how that turned out.

As for Charlie’s name… we’re unsure if we’re going to change it.  I realize that Charlie can very well be used as a girl’s name, but it’s not what I would’ve picked if we had known this in the first place.  Besides, now I can’t call her Charles Reagan if she misbehaves.  I kind of doubt we’ll end up changing her name, but if we do I’ll be sure to mention it in a future post.

charlie 2

I have to say, this is the first female cat that we’ve had that is actually a cuddle-bug.  Our past female cats never were and to be honest, they were kind of mean.  I have a good feeling that Charlie will be a good girl cat, like my step-sister’s cat, Owen (yeah, the same thing happened there).  And though she’s supposed to be my mom’s cat, she’s kind of attached to me… but it could just be the spot on the couch that she likes, which is where I always happen to sit.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this experience, it’s that I can now actually tell the difference between a male and female cat.  And I think that’s a very important lesson to learn as a cat person.  I kind of wish I had known this before, but like I said, Charlie’s a good kitten anyway.

So… any suggestions for a female cat name?

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