5 Things [2016 edition]

Last year I did this as a prompt piece in December and I was thinking it might actually be a good one to do every year.  It’s a nice way to reflect on the events that happened during the year and to keep perspective of the good and the bad moments because even bad moments can turn into good ones when you look at it with the right attitude.  So once again I will answer the following question:

What are five things that you have enjoyed the most about this year?

1.) My new library job.  Because why wouldn’t I love that?  Seriously, I cannot believe how blessed I am to have this job!  I don’t dread going to work, I love the people I work with, pretty much all the patrons rock, BOOKS, and it’s just awesome all around.  On top of it all, I know this job is from God because I didn’t apply or interview for the job – it literally opened up the day I was offered it… and why else would the director think to call me up for the job?

2.) My growing relationship with God.  Over the past few months especially, I have been deepening my relationship with Him and learning a lot from His Word.  Though this entire year has been a test of faith with leaving my future in His hands to lead me where He wants me.  The job hunt was probably the main portion of that, and though I did get upset initially whenever I was denied a good job I came around knowing that He had something better in store (see above).

3.) Getting my own car was definitely a highlight of the year.  It has opened up a lot of ways for me to help my mom and others because I have a car available to me 24/7.  In the months before my grandma passed away I was able to visit her on a regular basis in the nursing home and I’m so happy that I was able to.

me and car

4.) My birthday.  The big twenty-five.  A milestone birthday in my opinion, seeing as it’s halfway to fifty.  I really enjoyed my birthday this year.  I went bowling two days before with my dad and spent my actual birthday with my mom.  She took the day off from work and we left the house nice and early to get breakfast at IHOP and spend the day at the mall and bookstore.

5.) Back in October we got kittens and they have brought some life into our home.  Though we were told both kittens were boys, we recently found out that one of them is, in fact, a girl.  We’re not really upset about it, we just have to make sure we get our male fixed before anything happens and there are suddenly more kittens in our house.  Anyway, I love our little babies and though they can be little pains, I’m happy we got them.


Those were just a few highlights of my year, but those were the ones that stand out the most.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things [2016 edition]

  1. Jean C - GzN says:

    That is awesome!! thanks for sharing and staying positive all the while.
    I simply wanted to say happy holidays and that your post are something I really like reading from time to time.

    Best wishes and lets us hope for an even better upcoming year.

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