For those not familiar with what Bookstagram is, you can take a guess.  Got it?

Yep, it’s the book lover’s Instagram community!

This was something I knew of a hashtag to get people to find your posts of bookish photos, but I hadn’t really gotten into it until last spring (so almost a year ago).  Though my blog is a mix of personal, lifestyle, faith, and books, I decided that I’d make a separate Instagram account for my book photos.  I have to say that I love taking a few hours and doing a photo-shoot with my books.  They really listen to what I tell them to do for the photos! (Ha!)

There are some creative and phenomenal photographers in the Bookstagram community and everyone is incredibly friendly.  Giveaways are held on a regular basis (I actually won a $50 gift card back in September) and it’s a great way to find out about new books.  Of course, it’s also great to connect with other book lovers and nerd out about our favorites.

One of my favorite things is learning some new picture-taking styles from the other accounts.  I love the creative energy that comes from bookstagrammers and I feel we all bounce off of each other by putting our own styles into similar-style photos.

With that said, I’ve changed my Instagram link on my sidebar icons to go to my bookstagram account as opposed to my personal one.  I’m a little more active on that one now anyway, though I don’t post every single day.  You can also check out my bookstagram account here by clicking on my username – @tabbyisabooknerd

If you have a bookstagram account, let me know in the comments so I can follow you!

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