Jellybeans are a nice treat around this time of year.  I was recently at my eye doctor and kept grabbing some from the bowl while I was waiting to pay for my exam and new glasses.  Then today I went on a search for the bag of all-black jellybeans and picked up some multi-colored ones for work.  Turns out, I should’ve gotten the all-black ones for work too – they seem to be everyone’s favorite.

There is one type of jellybeans that I both love and hate – Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

Yes, the ones from Harry Potter.

If you have never tried these bad boys, then you should.  The flavors are of all kinds – from super delicious to downright nasty!  Even you though you will literally spit out some of the jellybeans, it’s the experience of trying them (at random) with your friends that makes them enjoyable.

In fact, I have a video of my best friend and I doing this about two and a half years ago.

You just can’t have that kind of fun with regular jellybeans.  But I’ll be honest, I haven’t had Every Flavor Beans since we made this video.  It’s not something you put yourself through more than five times in your life (if that).  Including my childhood years with my pizza place friends, I’ve done this game about 5-7 times.

Right now, with Easter coming up this weekend, I just want some good, old-fashioned black licorice jellybeans.

Oh, and ‘Jellybean’ was also the nickname my grandma often used for me.

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4 thoughts on “Jellybeans

  1. claireannette1 says:

    Fun post!
    Have you ever been to the Jelly Belly factory? Definitely worth a visit for fans of jelly beans.

    I read some of your library posts. Library Love is my a to z theme this year. Stop by if you have time.

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