Recent Reads [September 2017]

I said I wasn’t going to do these posts while I’m in school, but I say a lot of things (like that I’ll get up at 5am when I got to bed at midnight).  Anyway, I still found time to do some free reading last month despite my starting classes full force, and I’m grateful that I did.  I needed a break at times from the constant anxiety that now resides in my chest.

Now that I’m a month into school, I know how my classes work and how to work them into a schedule that still allows me to have some free-reading time and be able to watch football on Sundays (Buffalo Bills baby!)

I didn’t plan on it, but I still ended up reading four books this month.  And on that note, I finished my Goodreads Challenge of reading 40 books this year!

I’ll start off with Desecration and Val’s Prayer.  Desecration is the ninth book in the Left Behind series, so now I only have three books to go (I’m thinking one a month, because these books get intense and give me weird/scary dreams).  As always, the book did not disappoint, but I will admit that I rushed through it so the weird dreams would go away.  Val’s Prayer was a good story about really handing things over to God and listening to His plan for your life, no matter what troubles come your day.  It was by no means a five-star book, but it was still a good story.

Next we have Literally by Lucy Keating.  This story was adorable and my mind was constantly working because the author writes herself into the story to tell the main character, Annabelle, that she is a character in a story.  So the entire time I kept thinking, “Wait, is this supposed to be AB’s real thoughts or the thoughts the author is putting into her?” and meanwhile, Annabelle is thinking the same thing.  I also adored the beginning banters between Annabelle and Elliot and rooted for them the entire book.

Lastly, we have Tell Me Three Things.  I loved Buxbaum’s newest book, What to Say Next, so I had no problems buying the book without a second thought.  No regrets here – the book was great!  I figured out who SN was right away (she does make it sort of obvious) and the IMs with SN/Jessie and texts with Scar/Jessie were very entertaining at times.  I really appreciated the conflict that came between Jessie and Scar because it showed that best friends do have problems from time to time.  The friends that Jessie makes at her new school were great as well, especially Dri because you see a shy girl open up and be more outgoing/weird around her two closest friends, and I can relate to that.

Four books, all good reads.  I definitely recommend Literally and Tell Me Three Things to anyone who loves young-adult fiction, and I always recommend the Left Behind series.

What did you read this past month?

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