October Book Haul

I seriously have a problem.

So far this month I’ve bought eleven books for myself, and my mom bought me one.  I know that some people buy more in one sitting, but for me, that’s a lot.  Especially when I consider the fact that some of these books will sit on my bookshelf for anywhere between 6 months to a year before I get the chance to read them.  And this is on top of the books I got on vacation and the ebooks I got before that.

See?  Problem.

To be fair, I’m trying to weed out my bookshelves of books I know I’ll never read, re-read, or let someone borrow.

Anyway, since the books have been bought and are on my shelf, I might as well share what I got between two library book sales and three trips to Barnes & Noble.

The first batch was bought the first full weekend of the month – between a library sale at work, a trip to the bookstore with a co-worker, and an order from Amazon (because the book wasn’t in any nearby stores).  I knew what books I was looking for and at one point (at the bookstore) I had a huge pile and my coworker just laughed at me.  Thankfully I was able to narrow down my pile and only got ones that I knew I wanted.  Though there was one I went back for the next day because I had been unsure the first trip.

That weekend I got the following:

  • This Is What Happy Looks Like
  • Jek/Hyde
  • The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
  • The Moon and More
  • Death By Video Game
  • Our Chemical Hearts
  • Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Only one of these books I’ve read before (Love at First Sight) and the reason I got it because I know that it’s a book I’ll read again and lend to a friend if they wanted to read it.  The only book I really wasn’t planning on getting was Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – that one I got at the book sale at work when someone said it was really good, so it was an impulse buy.

The second batch I got at another library book sale when I was on a mission to find a book for another coworker, and well, you can’t go to a book sale and not get books.  I mean… come on.  There was also the one my mom got me later that weekend when we went to Barnes and Noble on a whim.

The books I got last weekend were:

  • Only the Good Spy Young
  • Out of Sight, Out of Time
  • United We Spy
  • Girl v. Boy
  • Glorious Appearing (Left Behind #12)

The first three there listed completed the Gallagher Girls series as I have the first three.  I started that series years ago and never finished.  Now I can start again and finish.  Girl v. Boy I’ve been wanting to reread again because it’s been mega years since I read that one.  And I conceded to getting because I eventually want all the Left Behind books in the orange paperback reprint, so I might as well have gotten it now, right?

Of course, the month isn’t over, but I’m kind of hoping my book buying is (if I can control myself).  If anything, I’ll get a few ebooks that are on my wishlist due to the fact I want to save bookshelf space and make it easier when we eventually move.

Have you gotten any new books lately?

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7 thoughts on “October Book Haul

    • Tabby says:

      I think I need to go on one of those bans! Unless a book I’m dying to get goes on sale (ebook, that is) I’m done getting any more for now. I have so many at home that I have to read!

  1. BuildingMyBookshelf says:

    I have the same bookmark! I picked up the two Jennifer E. Smith books a while ago but haven’t read them yet. I hope they’re good!

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