Welcome to the Brand New Blog!

Yes, after much thought and planning I have revamped the orangeowldiaries for its 2nd birthday!

You may have noticed a few changes on here.  First of all, I’m happy to announce that the blog’s domain is now orangeowldiaries.com rather than with the .wordpress.com extension.  Let’s face it, that part is always a pain.  Secondly, if you have been a follower of my blog you may have noticed that all my past posts are gone.  This is for the simple reason that I want to put more focus on actual topics on this blog now instead of just me writing,

“Yeah, so my day is going good.  I got an A on the test I thought I was going to fail.  In other news, people who text and walk annoy me because they get in my way.”

Yeah, that’s not going to be happening anymore.  If you want posts like that, just follow me on Twitter (@tabbyisnotacat) because let’s face it, those were more for Twitter, not my blog.

Now you might be wondering, “Why did you delete all your posts?  Some of those were really freaking good!”  Okay, you might not say it exactly like that, but I was getting to that my friends.  If you take a look at my navigation bar, you’ll see a page named ‘Archived Posts’ and that is where I dumped a few of my better posts from the past two years.  There weren’t too many that I picked out to go there.  I was very picky for that part of the process.

Also, there’s a new layout.  If you didn’t notice that part, then you’re blind… or new here.  I thought that process would take me a terribly long time since I’m actually very picky with my themes; I have been ever since I started blogging back in 2010.  I didn’t think this time would be very different, but I was wrong.  I think it was maybe the second theme I looked at and I was just like, “Ooh, I like that,” and I made it my theme and customized it just a little.

With that said, I should tell you what I’ll be writing about since I mentioned my posts would be about ‘real’ topics.  So assuming you haven’t read the ‘About the Orange Owl’ or the ‘About the Diaries’ pages, I’m going to tell you just that.  Basically, what I’m planning to write on this blog are a plethora of topics ranging from my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned from them, opinions on popular and controversial topics, reviews of books/movies/etc. and I’ll probably share some of my photography and video projects on here.

So that’s pretty much what the ‘new’ orangeowldiaries is all about.  I hope you will enjoy this blog as I know I will enjoy writing as much as I always have.

Once again, happy 2nd birthday orangeowldiaries!

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