Apple Pie Cupcakes


A good friend of mine made me just over a dozen of apple pie cupcakes with a cinnamon/buttercream frosting as a “thank-you” for photographing her wedding day.

When she first told me that she was making apple pie cupcakes I was intrigued.  I had never heard of these type of cupcakes, but hey, I like apple pie and I like cupcakes so why not throw them together?

So a few hours she dropped them off I finally tried one (since I had just eaten when she brought them over) and…


IMG_0006 copy

I’ve had good vanilla cupcakes before, like really good ones, but never in my life as good as these.

The secret?

… … …

She cut off the top of each cupcake and a stuffed the cupcakes with fried apples.

IMG_0030 copy

Yeah, it’s a sticky mess to eat, but they are totally worth it!

I’m dreading the day I eat the last one because then I won’t have any more.  Then I’ll be a sad owl.

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