Things I Believed as a Child

As we all know, kids have imaginations large enough to believe that anything can happen.  Anything is possible for a child, even if we adults know that it really isn’t.  Sometimes I think back to the things I really believed as a child and laugh because some of them are just so silly, even though they’re common beliefs among the majority of kids.


1. My toys came alive at night or when I was away.

Yes, we can thank my seeing Toy Story when I was four years old for this one.  Even though my stuffed animals would be exactly where I left them when I returned to the room, I still believed they would have adventures when I wasn’t there.

2. My teddy bear could understand what I said to him.

I would have daily conversations with my teddy bear whether my day was good and bad.  I realize I’m not the only kid that did this, as I would often respond as if he had said something back to me because in my mind, he did respond.

3. There was a man called Santa Claus who traveled the world in one night delivering presents.

This one I didn’t believe in for very long as my mom told me that Santa was just a story for kids when I was about five years old.  I had to keep up saying that I believed in Santa though since my friends and younger cousins believed he was real until they got a little older.

4. Pokemon could become real if I wished for it.

I remember looking up at the first star I saw and making a wish that Pokemon would be real so that I could live out my favorite game/cartoon in my actual life.  I wanted so bad to be able to train Pokemon and have battles with my friends.

5. Animals have conversations with each other.

Okay, I won’t lie, I still like to believe this one.  I just remember watching cartoons like The Wild Thornberrys or The Lion King and believing that when animals made their sounds, like when my cats meowed, they were having a full-on conversation that I could not understand.

6. Different time dimensions existed.

Since I saw time travel a lot in TV shows and movies I watched, I believed that one day time machines would be real and I’d be able to go back in time and see past events or go into the future to see how my life turned out.

7. When I became an adult, my mind would change to an ‘adult’ mind.

Well, obviously I don’t think the same way as I do when I was a kid, but honestly I’m not that much different than when I was a teenager.  I’m just as imaginative, just in a more realistic way and I still have a hard time picturing myself as a parent even though I do want to get married and have a family someday.  But as a kid, I felt that becoming an adult was this big transformation that happened to everyone.

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