Concerns About iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite

Technology is always changing.  Every year, or every other year, there’s a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy for sale.  Our applications are always updating and so is our software.

Change can be hard, especially when a software update is as big as when iOS 7 came out.  Remember the fuss people made over that one?

And now we have iOS 8 and a new Mac operating system, Yosemite.


I’m not sure if I’m proud or ashamed to say that I have not updated to either one just yet.  The reason?  I’m afraid, plain and simple.  My first thoughts when updating software are, “Is it going to kill my computer/phone?”  I know it’s silly to think that, but after having my old MacBook crash on me twice I’m just overly cautious about what I download/install onto my computer.  After that I’m concerned about how fast it will run once I install the software.

So, like many other people, I wait until the first reviews come out about the software updates to see how other people like it and if there are any known problems.  If I remember correctly, there actually was an issue with the first download of iOS 8 for many iPhone users, but was apparently fixed (still not enough to convince me to install it though).

Likewise, I have seen some reviews about OS X Yosemite that are less than convincing me to install it to my MacBook Pro.  Though I must say, despite the iffy reviews about OS X Mavericks, I still installed that software to my laptop for the reason that I needed it to download Final Cut Pro X.  I have not experienced any problems with it and I did not personally notice much of a difference between the new software and the old.

I guess that’s the reason why I don’t understand why I’m afraid to install Yosemite just yet.  If my computer handled Mavericks fine, why wouldn’t it be the same for Yosemite?  The same goes for installing iOS 8 to my iPhone.

I know I shouldn’t be concerned, but I am.

So I guess my question is this, if you have either of these operating systems on your computers/phones, what is your opinion about Yosemite and iOS 8?

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