Death of a Computer

It’s not an uncommon thing for one’s computer to die.  In fact, it’s happened to me several times.  Back in 2009 my MacBook (2007 model) crashed for an unknown reason and luckily, my cousin was able to fix it with no problems.  Then in 2013, it died for good as I did not have money to take it to get fixed nor did my cousin really have the time or resources to fix it this time.

So… I was able to buy a MacBook Pro later that year.

My newest baby has been running great, especially since I have a larger memory and RAM for making my video content (which I believe was the cause of my first Mac dying, twice).  But I guess just because a computer has a larger memory and is newer doesn’t mean it’s invincible, especially against the electronic world’s public enemy number one…


Yes, my MacBook recently got water damage to it… and I wasn’t even the one to cause it.  A friend, by accident, spilled water near the back and it killed my laptop’s logic board and another part or two.  So, that explains my absence the past few days, and I apologize.

The reason I am apologizing, though the damage was an accident, is because I do happen to have the WordPress app for my iPhone, however I find it rather inconvenient to write an entire blog post from there.  Though I suppose I could’ve used my tablet to write a post as well.  I’m not going to lie to you though, the break from my laptop has been somewhat refreshing, but I do hate a drastic change in my routine.

The good news is that today I received the email stating that my laptop is fixed and they are saying that my data was not lost (though I’m waiting to see in person if that’s true).  I won’t know until Saturday, since that is the earliest time I can go get it with tomorrow being Christmas Eve and all.

So how am I writing this post?  Well, it’s certainly not by my iPhone!

I’m at my dad’s right now, so I’m using the desktop in their main room right now.  Just in case any of you lovelies were wondering.

I am just grateful that I’ll have my laptop back in time for next week when I start working at my new internship on a regular basis and before my final semester of college starts.

So, with all that said, Merry Christmas everyone!

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