2014 In Review


The end of the year is literally right around the corner and what a year it’s been!

Most people would say, “Wow, this year flew right by!”

Well, I’m not.  This year was actually a long one for me.  Not necessarily in a bad way, though there were a few parts I wish hadn’t happened, but I know they all happened for a reason.  Anyway, instead of a long, boring post about all twelve months of the year, I decided to just go over my main events of the year, since not every month brought something exciting into my life (though I do cover most of them).

January 2014

January definitely started off my year with a bang.  Right at the start of the new year I went to North Carolina with my mom, aunt, and a few cousins for another cousin’s wedding.  It was my first time ever going to North Carolina and bunking in one hotel room with six other people was definitely an experience that I will not forget.

As soon as we returned though, my mom and I came down with the flu and though I was over it in about three days, my mom ended up getting worse and ended up in the hospital with a combination of the flu and pneumonia.  It was very serious and the both of us were definitely scared, so much so that she made sure to get vaccinated for both this past fall.  I also started school the day my mom went into the hospital as well as a new job at the college’s media center, so there was that, but I was more concerned with my mom’s health than school for the first few weeks.

March 2014

Only one real main event happened during March, and that is that I reconnected with an old, special friend of mine which was honestly one of the top highlights of my entire year, if not the top one.  I had actually blogged about that experience, which you can read -here- at any time you wish.

May 2014

Other than an ongoing battle with one professor of mine, nothing else really happened during the semester.  My birthday was at the beginning of the month, but turning twenty-three isn’t all that special I guess.  However, the 23rd was a day of disaster at home.  Without going into too much detail for the sake of family privacy, there was a sudden death in our household and it was a type of death that is very, very difficult to deal with and drastically changed our lives in our home.  So that was a game-changer for the summer, which opened my eyes to the reason why I was not able to find a summer job, I needed to be home to be with our roommate while this loss lingered in the home.

May was also the month that I began a regular exercise routine which has led to me feeling better and even dropping a few more pounds to put me at a healthy BMI score.

August 2014

Aside from my annual camping trip with my dad and the step-family, I went to Vermont with my mom for the first time just days before school started back up.  I got to visit the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory as well as a few others, but there wasn’t much to that trip, except that it was very relaxing.

September 2014

September marks the revamp of the orangeowldiaries blog and the launching of my new company website, Natural Chance Productions.  After spending a few weeks planning and finding just the right feel for each blog, I launched them near the end of the month with custom domains and high spirits.

October 2014

10428025_877428695614843_2419294343283143398_nWedding bells, but not my own.  No, I was the official videographer and photographer for two separate weddings that happened in the same week.  The first one, which I was the videographer for, was my first ever experience being a media person for a wedding.  It was nerve-racking as I had no prior experience and since this was the wedding of a girl I have been friends with since Kindergarten, I did not want to mess it up.  Thankfully, the video ended up coming out great after a week of editing (and yes, there were tears involved in the editing process).  Then just six days later I was the photographer of my other friend’s wedding, which was a small backyard ceremony, but still a nice experience and they loved their photos!


December 2014

Which brings us to now.  In a recent post I mentioned that my laptop recently died of accidental water damage, but all is well now and I am up and running once more!  I started my new internship for next semester this month so when I start my classes, it won’t be too much at once.  I also ended my fall semester the day before my computer died (great timing, huh?) with a 3.57 GPA for the semester which I’m okay with.

Again, 2014 was a long year full of some great and some not-so great experiences, but each and every one was a growing experience and I would not change it for the world (except that part where my mom was sick, ’cause I hate it when my mom is sick).  There were also quite a few I left out, not because they weren’t important, but I feel like I already shared too much and I don’t want you all to get bored.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to 2015 being a great year!

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