7 Things I Love About Winter

This is a toughie, because winter is my least favorite season.  It’s messy, cold and there’s not much to do.  But enough with the pessimistic view, I’m trying to grow past that and learn to find the good things in life and people.  So let’s start, shall we?


Okay, I finally thought of a few things!

1.) Hot chocolate.

I know, I know. This is one the reasons I love fall, but I drink a lot more hot chocolate during the winter months.  Plus, there’s nothing like having a nice mug of hot chocolate right after you finished shoveling the driveway.

2.) The smell of wood stoves.

Again, I used this for fall.  But there is just something so comforting (and warming) about the smell of wood stoves doing their thing in the neighborhood on a winter day.

3.) First snowfall.

I’m not a fan of snow, especially when I’m driving.  But I cannot deny that the first snowfall always turns the dull remains of fall into a gorgeous winter wonderland.

You know, until the plow trucks come by and make a mess of it all.

4.) ‘Tis the season!

Christmas!  Not because of the commercialism or how people just want presents, but to celebrate the meaning of Christmas and being with family and friends.  I also really enjoy buying the perfect gifts for my loved ones when I can find those perfect gifts.

5.) Starting new.

Snow is white.  White is innocent, pure, a new start.  The new year begins and everyone is making their resolutions and ready for a new start because last year might not have gone over so well.

6.) Snow day.

Again, not a fan of snow here, but I have always been grateful for the days when I found out school, or work, was cancelled due to a ridiculous amount of snow on the ground.

7.) Movies.

Christmas movies are some of my favorites, and even though I will watch them in July if I wish to, watching them right around the Christmas season is a much more enjoyable experience.

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