My Essential iPhone Apps

So I’ve had an iPhone now for almost 3 years.  It took me a while to plug into the smartphone trend.  Would you believe my mom got an iPhone before I did?  Yeah, weird.  In any case, I got my first iPhone, the 4, in 2012 and upgraded this past year to an iPhone 5s.  So, out of my love for sharing I have decided to share what apps I use the most on my iPhone.

whats on my iPhone


I’ve gone through my share of third-party Twitter apps, simply because the official app annoys me.  I had a brief stint where I was using Tweetbot, but ultimately went back to Echofon because I have the option of a dark background rather than the plain white one.


I can’t go a day without going onto Bloglovin’ and reading posts from my favorite blog (and that list keeps growing).  I can spend a lot of my time reading and saving posts.  This is an app I’d suggest to anyone who is looking for an easier way to read their favorite blogs.  I also have this app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK.


Yes, yes.  I know this an obvious one, but I had to add it.  I use it everyday even though I don’t always post a new picture every day (since I’m usually picky about the photos I post).  I get a lot of photography inspiration from this neat little app and I have even found some other bloggers through here.


This is the single most useful app I have ever added to my phone (thank you Thomas Frank).   I also have this app on my MacBook Pro and my tablet and it really came in handy last semester.  I was able to take my notes on my laptop or tablet in my classes and when I needed a quick review, the notes were right on my phone.  It’s also a great place to store blog ideas when I’m out and about and have it sync right to the app on my laptop.

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My go-to photo editing app.  Pretty much every Instagram photo I post goes through this app first.  I love the ease of editing and the effects it offers.  There are also a few effect packages that you can buy in the app, but even the free ones are great.  If I’m ever not feeling the vsco-effect, I’ve got Afterlight as a back-up.


I love this app because it’s a cool way to keep track of all the books I’ve ever read and will read.  You can also connect with friends to see what their reading.  However, what I love the most about this app is when I’m at Barnes & Noble and use the scan feature to scan books I want to read but can’t necessarily afford or want to download on my NOOK later.


Okay, so I don’t use this one everyday, but you really can’t beat being able to pay right from your phone and earn rewards (as in the occasional free drink).  There is also a nice little feature where each week they pick a song or app of the week that you can get for free in the iTunes/App store.  I recently just got the app Day One for free through Starbucks Rewards.  The best part of the Starbucks app, at least for me, is that it makes it much easier for me to track the money left on my gift cards that I received for Christmas.


A recent find, from another blog actually.  This app allows you to save articles to read later when you have a chance.  It has come in handy for when I see bloggers sharing their posts on Twitter, but I don’t have time to read it because I’m at school or work.  It’s much easier than scrolling through my favorites on Twitter.  You can also add it to your browser on your computer and have the devices sync up what you’ve saved on your computer and your phone!

What apps do you use regularly?  Are there any on my list that you also use?


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14 thoughts on “My Essential iPhone Apps

  1. Roni says:

    Pocket, Evernote & Goodreads are on my list, too. I am cheking out VSCO Cam now. Ill have to find ya on bloglovin’ – I just signed up a few weeks ago and like it better than Reader. Just need to find some time to go in and look up my blogs I follow there.

  2. Tabitha Wells says:

    I’m slowly making the move over to BlogLovin – for now, I’ve just been using WordPress Reader.

    I had an iPhone for two years, and I loved it to death, but it simply wasn’t good enough for work as a full time reporter. The camera was shoddy at best (photos look GREAT online, not so great if we needed a front page photo, and I hadn’t had time to run home and get my real camera), and the lack of good ‘Office’ apps that didn’t cost money were a pain, especially when I needed to quickly write an article on the go, or edit said article on the go.

    I upgraded this year to the Samsung Galaxy S5, and I love it. That being said, I haven’t invested too much time in finding many apps, beyond the basics. I’m always on the lookout for new, great apps though.

    I just checked out VSCOCAM, and I think I’m going to like that app. If they have Pocket for Android, that sounds like one I would greatly like as well. I have a bad habit of finding articles, and then forgetting to save the link because I’d have to email it to myself, and then I can’t find it again later.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Hmm, yeah I can see your point with the efficiency of the iPhone. Even though I’m an Apple lover, I will admit the Samsung’s are really good phones. My mom had one for a short while and my boyfriend and his sister have Samsung phones.

      VSCOcam is amazing. I actually found out about it through my stepbrother using it all the time. It was definitely my favorite download for photography on my phone.

      I think they do have Pocket for Android, I’m not sure if it’s in the Google Play store or not, but it definitely makes it easier to save articles to read for later.

  3. silverliningmama says:

    Good list! I was thinking about making a post similar to this. I have VSCO, Evernote, Instagram, and WordPress from your list. There’s another one I like, just ’cause I love LISTS! Have you heard about Wunderlist?

  4. The Front Door Project says:

    I am fans of most of these apps as well! I will have to checkout Evernote – I have heard of it often but haven’t tried it out yet. I am an Afterlight fan though for photo editing, and ocasionally use Photo Toaster.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Evernote is real good for school or blog related note taking. I love it. Hmm, never heard of Photo Toaster, but I might have to check it out now :)

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