Letter to My First Love

letter to my first love

To my first love,

What can I say? You were my first love. From the moment you said you loved me, you stole a place in my heart that could never be replaced.

But more importantly, you were my best friend.  I know 3 years isn’t a long time in comparison with our entire lifespan, but those are 3 years that I cannot, and will not, forget.  You made me feel welcome when I was the new girl in school and we had an instant connection.  You even told me you loved me on the third day of school.  Our years were filled with adventures and laughter.

Then it all came crashing down when at the start of a new school year, you told me to stop talking to you.  So I did.  Even all these years later I’m still confused as to why; after all, we had spent quite some time together during the summer and everything was fine then.  But as hurt as I was, I stopped talking to you.

I hated you for a while, did you know that?  Probably not.  You were too busy with your new friends for the following years.  I hated you for throwing me aside like I was nothing while you could still remain friends with our classmates.  I hated you for not giving me a reason as to why you wanted me to stop being your friend.

Thankfully, that’s over now.

Sometime between junior and senior year, I just let it go.  I didn’t know what prompted me to at the time, but now I know it was God.  He helped me to let go of the anger and forgive you for hurting me.  I knew I had done right by God when you signed my yearbook senior year.  You only signed your name, but that was all I needed.

I know it sounds crazy to find your first love at 8-years old, and maybe we weren’t true first loves after all.

But no one, not even you, could deny we were first puppy loves.

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6 thoughts on “Letter to My First Love

  1. jenjennng says:

    Do you think that first love really never dies? Coz in my case, I feel like it’s quite true because I’m still crushing on my first love when I was in grade school. Haha! I’m actually thinking of writing an open letter to my first love, like yours. ☺️

    new follower here by the way! 🙋🏻

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      I don’t think it does. It seems like the first person you love, or crush on, always stays with you.

      You should! It was actually a good feeling to write it. I’ll be doing more open letters in the future! And thanks for the follow! :)

      • jenjennng says:

        Thanks for the follow back as well. I am just new in wordpress and trying to make friends with other bloggers who share their personal life online. your blog just caught my attention yesterday when I was browsing. Will also look forward if you have link-ups to share. Nice meeting you, Tabitha. ☺️

      • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

        Nice meeting you as well! You can never have too many friends! :) I participate in a Friday link-up called Blogger Love – I’m not the host, but I do it every week. It’s pretty fun.

  2. Tabitha Wells says:

    I can’t say I really have a first love story beyond Scott. There were times I thought I was in love, but that was just silly, emotional feelings that looking back I couldn’t even equate to puppy love. More often than not, they simply came from the excitement of having someone who actually liked me.

    While I never had anything that I would consider my first love, I do have my first real heartbreaks – too separate ones, and those I’ll always remember. I learned some hard, but valuable lessons through them.

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